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Good start of Your site promotion

Submission of Your site to 158 directories!
Incredibly simple and short way to announce Your site!

Below You can read about the reasons for site`s directories submission; how this can contribute to Your site promotion; and what exactly can 1PS.BIZ do for You. You will also find out the benefits of using PROFY plan. Order PROFY plan

Submission of the site to 158 directories and search engines is effective site promotion!

PROFYUsing PROFY plan You can submit Your site to directories with 1PS.BIZ help.

At present, working with 1PS.BIZ You can choose most proper for Your site directories from 158 directories! And then quickly and qualitatively execute submission to suitable category of each chosen directory.

You will have great economy with 1PS.BIZ, since developed by us software system saves Your efforts and time in selecting necessary directories and manual searching of categories for Your site. It also makes easier manual data submission to directories. At the same time 1PS.BIZ allows to carry out quickly and more effectively submission in comparison with manual submission or other automatic submission programs.

The cost of PROFY plan is just $5

We guarantee high quality of the service`s work. But if You still doubt it, You can try to submit Your site to the first 200 directories FOR FREE in a attraction mode of the service. Demo mode is available right after Your site’s registration in the service. (try the service for free).

PROFYplan is quite easy to use:

Order PROFY plan

In order to achieve a success it is not enough to place the information about your site in a dozen of the most popular directories and search engines. Disregarding hundreds of less popular but regularly visited directories, You ignore thousands of people who use these directories and thus You lose potential clients.

How would You take it if a client, who could make a large order at You, made it at your rivals just because of you didn’t place the information in proper directory?

Directories and search engines visitors are the target group of the site. They can become Your clients, customers, partners, agents, or just regular visitors.

How You can achieve that clients could always find your site independently of search method used by them?

There is a way !
Specially for those who want to achieve high results, we offer the plans:

PROFY FREE - Free   - You can submit your site to the first 200 directories using 1PS.BIZ service ( read more »).
PROFY PROFY - $5 - You can submit your site to all directories at any comfortable for You time during the year using 1PS.BIZ service ( read more » ).
ELITE ELITE - $25 - Your site will be submitted to all suitable directories by 1PS.BIZ service’s expert. You will spend only 5 minutes for filling form and then You will get comprehensive activity report ( read more » ).

Work on site’s addition to 300 directories with 1PS.BIZ service help takes approximately 2-4 hours depending on Your work experience with the service.

For comparison: Independently, without 1PS.BIZ help, you will have to visit each of the 300 directories and fill in information about registered site. All this will take You at least 5-10 minutes. In this case it will take You 20-25 hours of persistent work to submit your site to all directories! An hour of such work will cost at the average 5$ (1$ -for the Internet access + 4$ - the cost of Your working time). Then all work will cost 125-250$! And all this will bring desirable result only on condition that Your expert get necessary qualification for correct submission realization.

Using PROFY plan You will get:

Cost : $5

Order PROFY plan

Additional information :